About The Organisation

In an ongoing armed conflict, like the one in the Democratic Republic of Congo, many people are harmed. Not just physically but also mentally and spiritually. Which is why Hope in Action aim to have a holistic view in all the work we do. An injured person does not only need our help to heal physically, which is why such a big part of our work focuses on the healing phase that follows an act of violence.

Hope in Action stays when others have left the crisis ground. We build with a long-term vision and want and want to participate and see a new society built up after the war and the conflicts in Congo.

Hope in Action/Sverige is a Swedish organisation (non-profit association) with a well-established and competent partner organisation in Africa, Hope in Action / DR Congo. The association is based on Christian values.

We are registered locally in the countries where we work; and each unit is independent with its own board. Through this model, we can achieve the simplicity we strive for, where the path between decision and action is as short as possible.

Hope in Action encourages and strengthens its partners through long-term commitment. We offer solid solutions based on in-depth knowledge to individuals, businesses, organisations, and entire communities. Through business partnerships, we ensure that the wheels for development keep turning. Building business knowledge and educating economic and social networks are key elements to lay the foundation for poor and marginalised groups to build a better future. We stay when others have left the scene of the crisis.

Projects are executed by staff who knows the conditions and needs. They are able to include the national/local aspects when applying, this knowledge is often crucial to if a project succeeds or not. Hope In Action is committed to ensuring that all assistance efforts are well-grounded among those who are to receive the help. Figuratively speaking, the ideas must be born by those who need it themselves. This creates the closeness between donors and recipients that we strive for. Each unit of Hope In Action can search for funds locally.

We hope to break the myth that all funds for aid come from the “rich world”. Among Africans, there is also a great desire to help both financially and practically. The projects are reported in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and are compiled by an authorised auditor and is of great importance to everyone. The coordination of projects takes place in Sweden.

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Organisation Information

Organisation number: 802433-0964

At the Hope in Actions Annual General Meeting 2019-10-12 in Alingsås, the following were elected:

Board of Directors in Hope in Action / Sweden
Elida Slaatto (new election two years)
Anna-Karin Jernberg (new election two years)
Henrik Larsen (remains one year)
Anna Palm (remains one year)
Birgitta Andersson (remains one year)

Deputy members were elected:
Robin Andersson (remains one year)
Ingrid Holmblad (new election two years)
Klara Lindqvist (new election two years)

To the ordinary auditor for one year was elected:
Authorized Public Auditor Ann-Lovise Rosenqvist, RSM
The deputy auditor for one year was elected:
Authorized Public Auditor Henrik Ehrenpohl, RSM

Dan Andersson (convener)
Heléne Okomdal Holmgren

The Board of Directors of the sister organization Hope in Action / DR Congo

Regular Board Members:
Pastor Kambale Ndiwe Lubula
Mr. Heri Nshabiro
Doctor Hangi Vumilia
Mr. Bidjosi Bika Léonard
Mrs Marie Shematsi Baeni